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Mlm Software

We are the developers of Multi Level Marketing websites

We develop MLM Plans like level plan, forced matrix, binary


Profile Management (View, Edit, Document Upload, Photo Upload, Change Request, Change password).

Documents (Receipt, Welcome letter, Identity proof documents, Product delivery receipt).

Genealogy & Network Binary & generation Tree View, ( Recent Joining, My Downline & details of down line)

Animated Login panel.

Registration form Wizard (with Process Indicator). It is a very important feature of the Direct selling Software.

Commission & Achievements (TDS Summery, Commission Summery, Award & Royalty Details).

E-Pins (Request E-Pin, Check E-Pin, & related Reports)

Login Details & IP address tracking, Internal Messaging etc.

All major updates on desktop itself: Total count/Award-Royalty status/Recent joining details/Spill detail/Direct details.

Notifications module, Personalized Banner, Refer a friend, Chating Wall, Support Ticket System, Last Membership Tracking based on numerous criteria’s and field

E-Pin Management that covers Create E-pin type, Request management, Generate E-Pins, Issue & Block E-pins & most important different Reports.

Membership Management including View & edit Profile, Renewal, Confirmation of Membership, Top-Up/Up gradation.

Payout / Commission Management Wizard of easy steps with the provision of settings for Multiple Payout Clubbing facility, incomes percentage & levels, Undo/Confirm Payout. Modest ways to issue commission through In E-Wallet or issuing Bank Transfer, Cheques

Setting Management for direct selling software allows Admin to Create Roles & users, Change Genealogy icons.

Our Software can be integrated with real time online shopping carts for selling of products to registered distributors & for walk in customers (Your own Ecommerce portal for unlimited products).

Localization (Currency, Date format, custom date-time) & many essential settings.

Web Management to accomplish Events, Achiever List, News, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, etc.

E-wallet also known as Virtual wallet has separate secured Logins & password methods for the distributors.

With facility to transfer Amount to another members, Use amount to purchase E-pins and products make it more useful and meaningful.

Admin can set ‘Minimum Encash Request Amount. A complete E-Wallet Ledger for every Distributor is maintained.

Redemption request & approval management for transfer of amount happens on a click of mouse.\\

We also develop android applications.